100% Recycled Paper Products

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recycled paper products

Do your part and use recycled paper products when you can—especially at the office.

100% Recycled Copy Paper
8-1/2″ x 11″ letter size paper that is processed without chlorine or acid. 90-brite whiteness, 20 lb. weight, and 500 sheets per ream. Use for all your home and office needs. 500 sheets per ream $8.99

100% Recycled Toilet Paper
This bathroom tissue is free of dyes, inks and fragrances. It is recycled without chlorine or bleaching. Contains 250 2-ply sheets per roll. 12-Pack $8.49

100% Recycled Facial Tissues

These facial tissues are free of dyes, inks and fragrances. They are recycled without chlorine bleaching. Contains 85 2-ply sheets per designer box. Box of 85 $1.89