72dpi does not work.

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We can not reproduce a 72dpi image on shirt.  Well we could, but it would look something like this:if 72dpi was a person it would be a jerk.

if 72dpi was a person it would be a jerk.

All images from websites are usually 72 dpi, so no, we can not take the logo from your website.  Unless you dont mind that it looks like a mistake.  If you can get a clean high res version of the logo from whoever created it or let us know and we can recreate it for you!

300 dpi is the minimum resolution to recreate an image on a shirt.  If it is any lower it wil not come out good.  Check out the difference:300dpi is a champion.

300dpi is a champion.

And this is just text, imagine if it is your art, or an image where detail is a factor.  Obviously any graphic designer or artist knows that you need a high resolution image if you are going to reproduce it in any way.  Vector is ideal.

We understand that a lot of people arent graphic designers, but usually have someone create their art or logo for them, right?  Well whoever does your logo, be sure to get a HIGH RES version for things like screenprinting and any reproduction at all.  You will be glad you did!

and so will we.