WordPress- A website YOU can edit yourself.

Web Ninja Blog Erik

THINK! Specializes in websites that YOU can edit, update, and add to. We create sites with simple, straight forward editing programs built into our websites that don’t require a nerd-for-hire or computer engineering degree to use!
On sites that the owners want the capability of editing themselves, we offer WordPress integration. WordPress is a program that lets you add or remove images form your site, update blogs, calendars, or any other text. No more waiting (or paying) for your web-guy to do the updates for you! As a matter of fact, I’m typing in a WordPress window right now, see how easy it is??
You’ve probably heard of this type of editing feature before, it isn’t a brand new thing however self-editing programs of the past have been so complicated and confusing that few people really ever used them. If you can type an email you can edit using WordPress…..