3 Useful Tips for More Profitable Returns

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Returning a product can turn out to be costly if you don’t manage the process properly. Companies that offer returns can only look for incentives such as discounts at this time. To make a comeback in the marketplace and remain profitable, companies take on additional costs associated with customer service and shipping products back on its way multiple times. However, …

6 Useful Tips in Naming Your Shop

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Having the right ecommerce name sets you up for success. Here are tips in naming your shop! The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset. Marty Neuman You don’t want your new store to blend in with the crowd – and you certainly want it to be found when someone does an online search. So it’s important to …

5 Ways to Create Repeat Buyers

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In creating a business, it’s essential to have customers coming back to you.  Having repeat customers may establish an image of satisfaction from customers. This can be a great advantage to your business for this feedback may attract more buyers.  Here are 5 ways, you can do to create repeat buyers: Create an email win-back campaign Repeat buyers benefit from …

5 Things You Can Do on Youtube to Earn Money

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It’s smarter to have multiple revenue streams, as your YouTube channels profit more when they achieve popularity. Although you need to start at the beginning; Instagram influencers or bloggers could also be used to create potential earnings. 1. Join Youtube Partner Program Ad revenue is the first potential revenue stream. Whether you want to make money on YouTube by not …

6 Expressive Ways to Show Appreciation to Constant Shoppers

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Showing sincere appreciation to constant shoppers is one of the easiest ways to build a closer relationship with customers. Companies can take the time to thank those customers for their business, as those who engage kindly are more inclined to spend future dollars. Even if a company doesn’t have a competitive advantage in every market, there are still markets out …

The Think Brand Guide

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Designing with a consistent color palette, utilizing graphics that represent your vision, and choosing a typeface that supports your identity are key factors when developing your identity and brand. Once our designers create a logo or branding choice that fits you perfectly, further define your identity through the creation of a custom branding guide. You’ll soon be finding the need …


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Hello and welcome to this weeks lesson on Think’s two main print methods for custom apparel. There are lots of ways to get ink on shirts but we use two of the highest quality industry standards. So how do we choose how we’ll print your shirts? Well, it’s got a lot to do with what type of artwork you have …

Crossfit Blur taking the jiggle out of Arizona’s Wiggle

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Blur began in a shanty in Wisconsin where Jake and Justin met and began training togethker at a crossfit gym. They were best buds at co workers at the facility. They decided it was time for a change of scenery so they packed up and moved to Phoenix in hopes of owning their own gym.  In 2011, After a year …

Valentines Day 2018

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Plan now for your Valentines Day marketing and show your clients some love this year! It doesn’t matter if you run a large company that is service based, or a new smaller startup with a limited audience, showing your love and appreciation for those that do support you makes a world of difference. Sure, Valentines Day may be another attempt …

BRAND MAKEOVER Infusion Coffee & Tea Crafters

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All of us here at Think! are passionate about creating custom printed items and custom designs for our clients that strengthen their brand and marketing strategies. It’s widely known that in the world of marketing, a brand and your marketing defines your organization and helps shape the experience of your customer or end user. And as industries and markets shift …

Machine Embroidery

The Exciting Evolution of Machine Embroidery Throughout the Years

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Just like any other form of technology, it has been a long road to get to the current state of machine embroidery. Can you imagine machine embroidery using punch cards? READ ON FOR A FUN OVERVIEW OF THE EVOLUTION OF EMBROIDERY TRENDS THROUGHOUT TIME. Hand-embroidery machine The computerized embroidery machines that bless our homes are nothing like their prototypes which …

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How to Design a Stunning Brochure: 15 Expert Tips

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A highly effective brochure distinctly and succinctly details what your business is about and what you can do for your customers. On the other hand, a poorly designed brochure will only chase away potential buyers to the welcoming arms of your competitors. A brochure is a type of leaflet commonly seen on shelves or racks featuring a variety of information …

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RGB and CMYK: What’s the Difference?

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Color can be important in conveying the meaning of visual content. Because visuals play an important role in message delivery, paying special attention to color can elevate your creative work and portray professionalism. Oftentimes, there is a need to use a very specific color, especially if you have to use a color from your organization’s brand guidelines. When you need …

Are You Ready For the 5K Color Fun Run? Are You Ready to do it in Style?

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What does this mean? For registered teams at the Phoenix 5k Color Fun Run, they will get the opportunity to make this memorable event even more memorable by putting whatever they would like on the back of their teams shirts. The cost to add the team’s shirt backs is only $19.99 which is a promo price for the 5k Color …

How to Create a Winning Business Card

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Let’s face it! Most things are digital today, both in business and in private life. However, no phone, email, website, social media or network could ever be as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake and business card exchange. These old fashioned cards reveal much more than just information about the name, address and phone number of your …

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Increase Engagement Through Website Design

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What is the goal of your website? An interaction with your brand, an impression of your expertise, products or service, more purchases, sign-ups for a newsletter, a valuable feedback or everything at once? Every single business participant longs to conquer at least one of the mentioned conversions. These are ultimately the actions we want a user to perform on our …

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Have you heard about our $10 shirt store?

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We have been cranking away with all sorts of fun tests on our 10dollarshirtstore.com website. This website is aimed at delivering high quality, full color, water based printing on high quality garments at an extremely affordable price. Our customers came to us and told us that they wanted something that they could quickly create nearly any idea easily and affordably. …

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Make your own custom printed sweatshirt today. Be the envy at your ugly sweater party.

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Be the fun at your next ugly sweater party and don’t spend fortune on those knock off Walmart ugly sweaters. Make your own. Be original. Have Fun! This is the season for warmer garments and ugly sweaters. We wanted to create a fun and affordable christmas/holiday option for you to enjoy–the $10 custom sweatshirt. This garment is a white 7.8oz …

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Small business marketing and promotion is hard. Find an affordable printer who cares about your company.

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Small business marketing and promotion is hard. Find an affordable printer who cares about your company. Think has been in business for 10 years and every year we have to be creative on marketing and promotion to distinguish ourselves to the competitive landscape of print materials and garment printing. The truth of the matter is that any print shop can …