Landing page

7 Benefits of Landing Pages

Executive Digital Landing Pages

A landing page is named as such because it does just that—it drives a visitor to land on a web page. Landing pages funnel web visitors from a link within a source such as an email, social media post, Facebook advertising campaign, direct mail, or pay-per-click ad.  Landing pages generate leads for businesses by enticing interested users to fill out a form …

Body Lite Website

Web Ninja Custom Wordpress Blogs, Landing Pages, Web Design

This Scottsdale AZ based company wanted a very “branded” website that they could update themselves and included a Google map to have the capability to search multiple locations.   We chose the WordPress platform for its ease of use and great search engine results. CHECK OUT BODYLITE’S WEBSITE HERE  

AZ Classic Jeep Tours

Web Ninja Custom Wordpress Blogs, Flash, Landing Pages, Web Design

This Phoenix Arizona based Jeep Tour company wanted an attractive site that incorporated Flash elements into a WordPress platform that got great Google search results as well.    They went from page 12 of Google to page 1 in less than 3 months.  A huge portion of their business now comes from search engines. CHECK OUT THE AZ CLASSIC JEEP …

One Stop Nutrition

Web Ninja Custom Wordpress Blogs, Flash, Landing Pages, video clips, Web Design

This WordPress website design brings in great traffic from search engines and looks awesome as well.  The users can update their maps, locations, blogs, and menus themselves through the admin panel.  Flash slide shows on the home page give this site the best of both worlds. CHECK OUT ONE STOP NUTRITION’S WEBSITE HERE

THINK! Myspace

Web Ninja Landing Pages, Myspace, Web Design

Our Myspace has had several evolutions over the years and currently is a look-alike of our main website  We can still upload photos and video through the Myspace admin panel and no capabilities have been lost with this custom layout.

All In Magazine

Web Ninja Flash, Landing Pages, video clips, Web Design

A WordPress based website design that incorporates flash, image slide shows, video players, and several other upgrades and add-ons.  This Phoenix Arizona company’s website is one of the most robust and expandable sites out there.  It’s literally the last website they’ll ever need as everything is upgradable at any time.

Vibes Live Website

Web Ninja Custom Wordpress Blogs, Flash, Landing Pages, Web Design

This basic website design includes music players, video players, and ad space to generate revenue.  This layout is affordable and easy to produce although it does not include a content manager so future edits will have to be done by our team instead of the client.