Brighter Green

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environmentally friendly printNeenah Green commitment to earth, sky and future generations.

FSC Certified, Green Seal Certified, Processed Chlorine Free, Green-E Certified, Made Carbon Neutral.

Above & Beyond Neenah Paper also converts all of its wastewater sludge into green steam energy, reducing natural gas consumption by 80% annually and by doing so, virtually eliminates materials going to landfills.

Alternative Fiber Alternative fibers are no-tree substitutes for papermaking and include sources such as bamboo and sugar cane bagasse, which require fewer chemicals and less energy for processing than virgin tree fiber.

• ENVIRONMENT® Papers (50% sugar cane / 50% post consumer fiber)  Tortilla, Mesa White

• EVERGREEN® Papers (50% bamboo / 50% post consumer fiber)  Balanced White, Soft White

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