12 mil Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Cards 12mil PVC

Not only are plastic cards durable as well as tear- and waterproof compared to regular ones, but they also pay off in the long run. If you own a club, have a lot of members, or discount options, then we at Think Pro recommend out of practicality that you rather opt for 12 mil plastic business cards. Of course, we will also gladly help you adorn them with a striking visual design.

The product is good for:

  • Membership and VIP cards
  • Discount cards
  • Business cards
  • Promotional cards
  • Referral cards
  • Entry cards

Thicker than laminated cards, 12 mil plastic business cards fit inside a wallet or pocket much easier than your credit cards, and what sets them apart from regular business cards is that people will keep them longer and pay more attention to information it holds.

Our standard white plastic business cards are printable on both sides in full color and are usually best for ID badges, gift cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards, etc.

Choose and customize your 12 mil PVC plastic card design from one of our design templates, upload your own, or cooperate with us so we can create a design together.

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