20pt Plastic Business Cards

plastic business cards 20pt

Similar to 30mil PVC business cards, 20pt plastic business cards are durable, strong, tear, and waterproof. However, an obvious difference is that these cards are also somewhat flexible. They fit inside a wallet or pocket much easier than your credit cards, and what sets them apart from your regular business cards is that people will keep them longer and pay more attention to information they offer.

This product is good for:

  • ID cards
  • Membership and VIP cards
  • Unique business cards
  • Frequent customer cards
  • Pool company cards

We at ThinkPro can help you create these plastic business cards, which will captivate the audience’s attention with its design and quality print, and also be budget-friendly. Phoenix is a competitive commercial city, so if you wish to distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition, we recommend that you consider making your 20pt plastic cards either frosted, metallic, or crystal clear, rather than the regular white.

Simply choose and customize your 20pt plastic business cards design from one of our design templates, upload your own, or cooperate with us so we can create a design together.

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