Foil Business Cards

foil business cards

Get fancy with your business presentation! Nothing says fancy like reflective foil stamped over vibrant colors. Our premium foil business cards with both or just one side printed with foil stamp are sure to impress recipients. However, since the process of printing is different when using ink, every color used apart from the first one you chose, will increase the cost of printing.

The product is good for:

  • Foil hang tags VIP
  • Special customer cards

We advise to use a vector design for this kind of printing, as working with photographs and gradients is not possible to produce with foil. You should know that a file setup for this kind of printing should be done only by an experienced designer. If you need assistance, please contact us! First have a look at our design template to get a frame of reference, and tell us your requirements. If you also need guidance on how to prepare your file for foil business cards printing, feel free to reach out to a member of our ThinkPro Team.

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