Round Stickers

custom stickers round and uv coated

If no coating or matte stickers don’t do your business justice, then maybe you should try out making an impression with UV coated round stickers. They are an excellent way to get your name around, use them during your promo events as giveaways, and label your company’s product with your logo.

Apart from being UV coated, which gives the sticker that glossy and vibrant look, as well as longer durability compared to regular stickers, the shape of the sticker, is also something we at ThinkPro will gladly adapt to your needs. Round stickers are excellent for cars windows, bands, political parties and promotional events.

We print them on premium 70lb label stock and offer various designs which are fun, interactive, and also effective in spreading your message across. Choose and customize your round stickers design from one of our design templates, upload your own, or cooperate with us so we can create a design together.

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