UV Coated Stickers

custom stickers uv coated

Make an impression with UV coated stickers. They are an excellent way to get your name around, use them during your promo events as giveaways, and label your company’s product with your logo. We at ThinkPro can print out UV stickers, which are more durable than regular ones and easily removable.

This product good for:

  • Band stickers
  • Container and packaging labels
  • Car and window decals
  • Political stickers
  • Promotional giveaways

The UV coated stickers we make have a gloss layer which provides color vibrancy and additional protection to prevent premature fading usually caused by Phoenix’s relentless summer sun.

We print them on premium 70lb label stock and offer various designs which are fun, interactive, and also effective in spreading your message.

Choose and customize your UV coated stickers design from one of our design templates, upload your own, or cooperate with us so we can create a design together.

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