Customer Spotlight, Universatile Music

Web Ninja Blog Shane

Like parents choose their favorite child, I to have chosen a favorite customer. (Keep your cool I have a handful of tops clients and customers this is just one to name a few)
Universatile Music (or the acronym “UM”) is solely responsible for some of the BIGGEST and BEST names in hip hop to blow through phoenix. With acts such as Living Legends, GZA, Brother Ali, RZA, Hieroglyphics (one of my personal favorites) to legends such as Afrika Bambaataa, down to EPMD. Being heavily involved in the music scene to help put AZ on the map! UM helps puts on local shows and brings in national acts for our audio and visual pleasures. This in fact directly helps local business, artists, musicians you name it.
With great shows and professionalism come great print ready materials such as Flyers, Posters, and Business Cards etc. In the past 6 months I have never asked this customer to reset the bleeds to appropriate size. Another thing I have never had to tell this customer is converting print ready files to CYMK. With the attention to detail come fast turn-around of projects and a final product well liked by customers.

So if you are out there, and wondering how to send files or have Business Cards, Flyers, brochures, posters print ready… take a lesson from UM and while you are taking lessons, see what this company has done to expand music and art in Arizona.>click here</a>