Digital Printing

digital printing

Digital printing is a new printing process that is commonly used for short print runs. Printing digitally is the best way to print products that are a quantity of 2500 or less.  Quantities that are higher should be run on an offset printer to keep the price point lower.  Digital printing is also very convenient when dealing with print products that require variable data such as mailers that require each post card to have different addresses.

THINK Graphic and Printing Solutions has many digital printers that assist in getting our customers fast and affordable products.  Most of our digital print productscan be completed same day or next day.  If the products require specialty coating then production may be a day longer.

Digital printing is commonly associated with copying or photocopying.  Machinery has advanced a lot in the past 10 years which have allowed for digital printers to perform photocopying functions.  Digital printers are generally faster and higher quality then many copiers.

A digital press can achieve near photo quality and produce either color or black and white prints.

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