DIV based design? What the…?

Web Ninja Blog Erik

What do “div’s and style sheets” mean to you? Probably nothing! They are actually a newer way of developing websites that make it easier and cheaper to maintain, update, and add to. Think of it as the “Ipod” of websites as opposed to the “cassette recorder “method that websites are still being made with even today. DIV’s and “style sheets” organize the parameters of each “box” in your website. For example if you add a new location that appears on every page of your website, instead of paying someone to add the contact info to every single page we add it to the DIV and it automatically updates on all of your pages. These days websites get into the 100’s of pages so you could imagine what an expensive time consuming task this would be if we were still kickin’ it old school like quite a few web development companies out there.
Anyone can make your website but if you want the most cutting edge designs, div-based structure, and a site so easy to update that ANY employee can learn, you need THINK Advanced Media Division.