FREE 30 minutes of web maintenance! (or “how can a Turkey Sandwich cause this much stress?”)

Web Ninja Blog Erik

website updatesfree website updatesYou know the drill- you ask your web guy to remove the August Turkey Sandwich special and replace it with the Meatball Hoagie special but it never happens and here we are in October and you constantly have to tell people that you’re sorry but the Turkey is no longer on special.

Frustrating for everyone.  How hard is it to change your web special from Turkey to Meatball?  Simple really but your web guy seems to have other priorities so the Turkey calls keep rolling in.  Poor Meatball is an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire, after all he was just minding his own business, now this!

But in this George Bush economy times are tight and you don’t want to spend the money AGAIN on another web guy.  We have a solution for you AND your Meatball Hoagie.  A half hour of FREE web maintenance that you could use toward updating the monthly specials for example.  Our gift to you.  Of course once you have the opposite experience with THINK, we’re pretty sure you’ll stick with us so we’re ok with it.

So lets review:  Pros- a FREE 1/2 hour of maintenance, less frustration, the Meatball Hoagie gets the respect it deserves, emails to us are free, Advil is expensive and it will be a cost you can cut out of the budget, less throwing things.  Cons- (insert cricket noises here)…  Unless you call “new customers only” a con.  Sorry, new customers only.