Google’s “Promote” button…Yay! I mean yikes!

Web Ninja Blog Erik

The eagle-eyed people out there who are constantly logged into their Google or gmail accounts may have noticed a small change to Google’s search results lately.   To the right of the organic search results there are a couple of new buttons, one which looks like an arrow pointing up and the other is an “x”.  When you hover over these you will notice they stand for “promote” and “remove”.  You have to be logged into your Google (or Gmail) account for these buttons to show up.  Sounds kinda exciting and scary at the same time!google's promote button

If the promote button is clicked then that site is magically moved to the top of the Google results!  If the remove button is clicked…you guessed it, gone!  So far these changes to your site’s ranking are unique to your IP address, not just your computer.  What that means is that if you have 10 computers in an office all sharing the same IP address then they will all see the new “promotions” or “removals” you have done.  Any other computer outside of your IP is not affected by your changes.

It would be nice to be able to put your site at the top of the search results with a single click, think of the businees you would get!  But wait a minute, what if your competitors were “removing” you?  The humanity!  Fortunately it’s not like that…for now.  Google has motives for pretty much anything they do and they are constantly gathering data on users habits, where this is going nobody knows.

Will these “promotes” and “removes” eventually mean something down the road?  Who knows, but no need to panic as we’re all still just slaves to the master who is Google.