THINK can create the custom logos that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Logos can take about 1-2 hrs and sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the design. We would love to give your business the cutting edge logo your brand deserves.



Why is a logo important?

Your logo is your company’s identity. It dictates your style, demographic, and marketing. It can single handedly be the most important asset your business has. A company’s logo is on everything – t-shirts, business cards, flyers, commercials, websites, etc.

What do I need to think about before calling and getting a logo design services?

Good question!

  • List out the logos that you feel compliment your style or the companies style.
  • List out color options that you would like to use.
  • Provide sketches if you have something in mind.
  • Provide information about the company and/ or project the logo is for. This will help us understand the direction that you want to go in.

How do you quote logo prices? And can I get a cheap logo?

THINK quotes logos by estimating the average time involved to create most small business logos. The price really can be all over the place. It really depends on how much time the business owner needs to get the job done. If the owner wants a simple logo that’s just text and brings in all the requested information, then there’s a good chance that logo will cost less then our estimate. On the other hand, if the owner doesn’t have any ideas and would like us to make comps where an approval process gets involved then there’s a good chance the logo may take a longer period of time. In either situation we will keep the customer involved with the time frame estimates.

What is a vector logo?

First there must be an understanding what vector art is and then you’ll understand why a vector logo is so important. Vector graphics is simply artwork that is created by using shapes with mathematical formulas. Vector art doesn’t contain pixel information like rasterized graphics. The fact that vector art uses mathematical formulas allow for the logos to be small in file size and it also allows for the artwork to be sized as big as the user wants without the pixelation effect that rasterized graphics have. For example, if you have a 2 inch circle logo and the art was made in Adobe Illustrator which is a vector based design program, you can resize the logo to the size of a 20 foot billboard without any quality loss because the program made the logo based on mathematic formulas. Confused yet? Come by the office and we’ll show you the difference.

Can you recreate our company’s logo?

Sure we can. THINK can recreate any logo. Bring in whatever has the existing logo such as letterhead, website address, flyer, or file. Our general graphic design charges apply for logo recreation.


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