THINK Graphic and Printing Solutions has many poster designers on staff. Poster designs can be large files and very high resolution. Our PC’s and MAC’s are configured to work with large files. If you have a file that needs to be enlarged, our designers can look at the specs to insure that they look good when they are printed. Keep in mind printed material should always be at least 300dpi resolution. At times you may be able to reproduce a lower resolution file BUT if you want the best resolution then THINK suggests creating your file at the 300dpi.

Posters are a great way of communicating your information in a larger format. Our poster designs can be used for trade shows, events, concerts, branding your logo, sales specials etc. Poster sizes are generally 11×17, 12×18, 13×19, 18×24, 24×36 and 36×48. THINK can produce posters of any size, let us know what you would like.

Some poster use examples are:

Band event poster
Restaurant promotion
Movie poster
Special event poster
Art design reprint
Advertisement poster

It is especially important that the poster grabs a persons attention efficiently and effectively. A promotion in a store window, the perfect sale, a big concert posted on the side of a building all have a limited amount of time to be noticed. Here at THINK we understand the goal and work tirelessly to make your design stand out from the crowd with colors that “pop”, a font that can be easily seen and graphics that make a point but are not too busy. Think of it as the perfect blend of elements to make anyone stop and view what your poster has to say.



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