Hoodlums! by Mike Maas

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Here at Think Screen Print we print for a lot of local companies that have been a staple in this community for years.  One that stands out is Hoodlums Music and Movies in Tempe.  If you dont know the history, Hoodlums is one of the best record stores in town.  Well known for the huge support they give to the local art and music scene and for their incredible inventory and ability to get you anything you are looking for.  They used to be located on ASU campus in the MU, but now they have moved to 6434 S. McClintock, Tempe (near Trader Joes and Changing Hands).  The new store just opened and the place looks great.  They have a huge selection and they LOVE to find you what you are looking for.  Steve and Kristian run the place and they are very knowledgable and up on what is going on with whatever music or movies you are in to.  If you are sick of the impersonal download and want to go to a good, quality, friendly place to talk about and purchase all your favorite music and movies then Hoodlums is the spot!  That’s one of the best things about Hoodlums, to be able to go there and talk to a person about some peice of music you like and get the news and updates and not just sit in front of a screen like a zombie.

Get your self down there and pick up some music or movies and buy yourself one of these shirts we printed while you’re at it!

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Mike Maas is the artist that designed these shirts.  They are printed on American Apparel t-shirts and come in both men and womens.

Check out more of Mike’s work at:  http://www.greenfuzz.net

Also check out Hoodlums website for more information:  www.hoodlumsmusic.com

or you can call ’em at:  480-775-2722

As I said earlier on of the reasons Hoodlums is so great is because of the support they show the local artists and musicians.  Keep an eye out for in-stores and art shows like this one at the new Hoodlums!

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