IE6 is the stone age for browsing!

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Internet Explorer 7 and it’s improved security features.

Okay, I’ve been waiting for far too long to write this article. Internet Explorer 6 is not the safest way to browse the internet these days. Today Microsoft offers a user friendly interface and more secure version of Internet Explorer. It supports Web 2.0 standards far better than IE6 (Internet Explorer 6).

But I like IE6. Why should I upgrade?

Internet Explorer looks tons better. Ohhhh! Oh yes, not only does it show off a facelift, it offers improved security to match it’s stunning looks. Microsoft is pushing forward in making it’s browser safer for the every day user. You will now be better protected against malicious cookies, those cunning trojan horses or sickly computer viruses that seem to come from everywhere.

Phishing Filter

IE7 offers a new Phising Filter that will help protect you against websites that fake looking like Paypal, Myspace or your other favorite world wide web watering holes. These websites trick you into loging into them and stealing precious personal information that can sometimes tie to your online banking or social network. Not only does it tell you, but it’s address bar will change it’s color immediately to red to alert you to back away. This feature comes in very handy. I’m a myspace user and I have seen my fair share of Myspace fakes out there.

Picture of Internet Explorer Address bar colored red due to a phishing website
If you visit a known phishing site, Internet Explorer 7 turns the Address bar red


Some websites require add-ons such as ActiveX controls in order to properly view their content. You now have the power to enable or disable an add on when you want to.

To re-enable the add-on, click the notification. In the Manage Add-ons dialog box, click the add-on you want to enable, and then click Enable.

Picture in Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 7 notifies you if a website needs to use a disabled add-on

We all love to Feed

Be up to date with all of your favoirte news sites that give you the option of linking to their feeds. IE7 will keep you posted 24/7.

Picture of Favorites Center in Internet Explorer 7 showing Feeds tab and list of feeds
In the Favorites Center, click the Feeds tab to see your subscribed feeds; bold type indicates an update

I love tabbed browsing and you will too.

Have you spent thirty minutes on the internet and you finally realize that you have about twenty different windows open. Sometimes you find a site and want to keep it open because you feel it’s content is important to your paper that your writing or maybe your looking for multiple sources on that certain topic.

You no longer need twenty  windows open at one time. You can keep just one window open a keep your open websites organized with your draggable tabs. Once your introduced to this feature, you will never go back to a browser that doesn’t support them.

Picture of multiple tabs in Internet Explorer 7
With tabs, you can open multiple webpages in a single Internet Explorer window

When you have many tabs open at once, Quick Tabs can be a fantastic productivity tool. Clicking the Quick Tabs button displays all of your open webpages in miniature, making it very easy to find a particular page. Clicking the miniature view opens the webpage.

Picture of the Quick Tabs preview of open webpages
The Quick Tabs feature makes it easy to see all of your open webpages

Lets wrap things up.

Internet Explorer 7 is just the way to go. It’s more secure. It supports Web 2.0 websites far better and faster. IE6 is the stone age for browsing. Please be in the NOW when it comes to navigating through this new age of communication.


Thank You…