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band screenprinting and print

band screenprinting and print

Alright rockers. I know you’re out there… I know you’ve been looking to promote your band at a decent cost. We have the best prices in town, HANDS DOWN! I’ve been out to a few shows this month and its ridiculous what some people are paying for posters/flyers/stickers… Whatever it is you’re looking for. 12×18 posters? 1.00each or 100-for $65! Flyers? No problemo. Amazing 4×6 specials all month long. 5k-$199!  1,000 for $89.99. What better way to get more people out to your shows?  SAVE your money for more important things – musical instruments, drinking, rent! Dont waste your time by over spending for promotional materials. Get ’em cheap & get ’em fast with THINK!

Find a better price elsewhere? Let me know, I’ll do my best to stay competitive.

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