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Web Ninja Blog Charles

Like this site? Let me know and I could have one designed for your business too. Most of the cool features found on Think! Graphics website, including this blog, are produced using Word Press.

WordPress, originally made to be a blog tool, is fast becoming a popular platform for web design. What makes this programming technology so useful stems from its versatility, functionality and most importantly for the website owner, ease of use.

In my opinion, what makes a website useful is the qulaity of its information and what makes people come back and visit the site frequesntly is the sites changing pertinent info. This info can be used to create branding or to inform.

In the not too distant past to keep a site updatable required a greater degreee of technical knowledge including html to change pictures and wording. This is where wordpress enters the playing field. Built in every new website we design can be found an administrative login that will allow the website owner the flexibility to update their site WITHOUT any real website knowledge. The interface is as simple as a myspace or facebook profile BUT the site still maintains a custom look and feel. Add pictures by browsing your computer desktop and “hit upload and publish”. Wholla, you’re done! Add text directly into a text box and assign a pre-programmed destination (we would assign a value to every one of your pages allowing you to choose which wording changes)

Some of the features WordPress offerers that we can customize with our design skills iclude:

1. photo galleries

2. blogs

3. dynamic feeds (when you udate parts of your site, it can be be seen on the front page with a link to the complete update on a different part of the site)



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