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An out of this world experience.

Summary: Brandable web entity with custom characters, online gift store, interactive blog, custom graphics/illustrations, and product line. Lions and tigers and aliens – Oh my! The Alien Zoo.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, WordPress, Prostores, Wacom, and a lot of caffeine.

A different point of view…

Every once in a while we come across website project that makes you think outside the box and in this case outside of this world. So the task on hand… Bring to the 21st century by adding some cool concept art, interesting content, an online gift store, a story, a vision and a future potential for a online and television cartoon series. Projects like these are a designer’s dream and personally it makes my creative juices bubble out of control at the potential of making the coolest online graphics.

It’s not a typical alien, ufo, conspiracy website.

The first goal is to out-design the alien market of design. Often these websites are drab, poorly coded, contain low res imagery and for some reason still use blinking text and marques. Online technology has gone a long way in the last 10 years and we are happy to deploy a state of the art custom blog interface wth refreshing custom illustrations to make the website stand out. We used a little bit of flash to keep movement on the page but efficiently so the page loads up quickly.

Some "visitors" have a sheep fetish...

A foundation to build on.

When thinking of how to build the online “zoo” and it’s navigation we were faced with a task of how to manage current content as well as be able to make the site scalable for new content. This may sound easy, its not. There’s over a hundred content pages with plans for several hundred more in the upcoming months. Our decision was to create a theme for each main area, complimentary graphics, and a dominant simplified navigation bar. In order to successfully make we have to make sure it’s human visitors can get around–right? Right. Take a look at the navigation. We hope you find it easy to navigate the Alien Zoo site, Alien Zoo store, and the Zookeeper blogs.

The Future. And Beyond…

The next step is just as exciting as the first… We have the opportunity to manage the main characters in AlienZoo and expand its t-shirt designs, product lines, comic strips, animated series, and online creatives. Go to and enjoy!! Thanks to our Orlando criminal defense lawyer for handling the issues we been talking about in the last post!