One Stop Shopping

Web Ninja Blog Erik

Do you ever get the feeling like what should have been a couple day marketing job slips into a week, then more?  If your company is involved with print, web, and screen print like most businesses are, then you may have heard the all too familiar “we’re waiting on the print shop to delivery your files, we’re stuck until they pull through”.  Instead of trying to do what’s in the client’s best interests many web offices, print shops, etc. will play the blame game.

Once you’ve used the services of a company that has all 3 services (print, screen print, and web) all under 1 roof it’s hard to ever go back to the old fashioned run-around-town-routine.  THINK just happens to be one of those companies!  Our computer network makes your print files viewable in the web office, and vise-versa, no more roadblocks to your progress.  If efficiency is what you’re looking for then let us do the THINKing for you.