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waterproof printing

YUPO Green

Synthetic Paper (waterproof tear resistant)

100% Tree Free 100% Recyclable 100% Responsible

YUPO synthetic paper is a category 5 polypropylene (PP) plastic film and is 100% recyclable.

Due to its exceptional durability, YUPO normally enters the waste stream at a far slower rate than conventional paper and will remain inert in any approved landfill. Safely incinerated in a modern facility with an atmosphere of excess oxygen, YUPO will yield only water, carbon dioxide and ash.

YUPO synthetic papers can be reclaimed as a plastic resin and used in manufacturing a wide variety of both industrial and consumer products. These products exhibit the same performance characteristics as those made with virgin plastics.

Call Today for pricing 480.310.0951 and ask for Zach. YUPO works great for menus, table tents, wine lists, tray liners, place mats, coasters or for making a unique environmental statement for any project!