Resizing Images with Outlook 6

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Do you ever have to resize a large amount of images but you don’t have Photoshop? Sometimes we ask our clients to send some nice photos to the web department. Sometimes having HI RES images isn’t necessary. I have good news for you! You can do it with Outlook in Windows XP or VISTA.

This step by step tutorial will help you resize dozens of images in a matter of minutes. This makes it easy to zip and email more images at one time. Most emails struggle with 4MB emails. You won’t have to sit at the computer and spend hours learning Photoshop or using Paint to resize images.

IMPORTANT!! Make sure to back up your images.



Find the folder with the pictures that you want to resize. Make sure these are backup folders. You want to keep a copy of you Hi Res images somewhere on your computer, just in case you might need them in the future.

resizing images


Highlight all the images in the current folder.

graphic design and resizing


This step is fairly simple. Rick Click on one of the files that you highlighted. A pop up menu will appear asking for several different commands. Go to the “Send To” option. Another pop up menu will appear. Go to and click on “Mail Recipient” and then click on it.

attaching images


Another pop up menu will appear asking how you want to attach these images. Here you’ll have the option of resizing the images. I like to choose the smallest or at least the option with 640 x 480.  This will make the files small enough to email and it will also enable you to send much more images through a disk for any future purposes.

graphic design


You will see your computers progress on resizing all the images in that folder. The more images you resize, the longer you’ll wait.

graphic images


If you have outlook installed, it should pop up with all the images set up in the email as attachments. notice in the ATTACH area I have highlighted all the images. The step is easy but can still be considered tricky. After highlighting all the attached images, you need to drag them to your folder that contains the original images. What this is going to do is overwrite all the larger images with the smaller ones that you created.

graphic design and resizing


You will then be asked to authorize overwritting all the images with new files with the same naming convention. Click copy and replace. If a check mark is available to allow this for all images make sure that is checked as well. That way it’ll overwrite all in one single click.

graphic arts


There, your done! You can either email these or you can close outlooks unfinished email. Closing this will allow you to repeat this process.

graphic artists

Easy as pie.