Make Your Own T-Shirt

Our DESIGN STUDIO is a simple tool that will help you get your idea on a shirt. Become a pro and make your custom apparel now!

Start designing your apparel, accessories, and brand messaging now! ThinkPro Design Studio Training walks business owners through every element of the online design process. Take it one tutorial at a time, and you’ll be a pro (with fabulous merchandise) before you know it.

Learning the design process is good for:

  • Self-design products
  • Easy on resources and budget
  • Product selection
  • Front and back placement
  • Design idea templates
  • Clip art
  • Editing
  • Colors and text
  • Advanced text editing
  • Uploading artwork

Thinkpro Design Studio Training includes video tutorials on all the essential building blocks for creating your apparel and accessory designs. Through the tutorials, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Choose amongst several garments and switch between options
  • Add artwork to the front or the back of the garment
  • Select from over 12,000 interactive professional design templates and clip art
  • Adjust the colors of templates and clip art elements
  • Add and edit colored text
  • Adjust text setting, such as color font, size, width and shape
  • Upload completely custom artwork to be part of the printed product

What are you waiting for? Get started on your design with Thinkpro!

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Select Your Product

This tutorial shows you how to choose your shirt style and switch to another.

Select Front & Back of Shirt

In our Design Studio, you can add artwork to either the front of the shirt or the back. View this short video to learn how.

Select Design Idea Template

We over 12,000 interactive professional design templates and clip art. Learn how to select one of these.

Select Clip Art Template

The Ten Dollar Shirt Store has over 12,000 interactive professional design tempaltes and clip art. Learn how to select clip art for your shirt design.

Edit Clip Art Colors

We have over 12,000 interactive professional design templates and clip art. It is very simple to adjust the colors of these templates. View this video to learn how.

Add Text & Edit Text Colors

In this video, learn how to add and edit text.

Advanced Text Editing

Learn how to adjust the many settings in text. Adjust color, font, size, width, and shape.

Upload Your Artwork

Do you want something completely custom? Do you want to add your own artwork? That is easy as 1, 2, 3! Learn how to upload your own artwork in this video.