DTG on Light Shirts

DTG on light colored t-shirts

Creating unique clothing is a great way to help you promote your brand and enable your loyal clients or fans to help popularize you and spread your message. Light clothing, for instance, tends to be striking and easily noticeable, but if you want high quality direct-to-garment printing done on them, come visit us at ThinkPro and we’ll make sure the job is done professionally and environmentally-friendly.

And why do you need professional help when creating your own T-shirt-line? Well, when it comes to light garments, white areas of the design shouldn’t be printed in order to let the original color show. We can provide you with extensive color options and help you achieve that maximum detail in design with image resolutions as high as 1440 dpi.

Just remember that not all sweat shirts, plackets, and T-shirts are created equal. Some materials are better suited for a crisp and bright image simply because of the weave and finish, while some are not. That is why we also recommend that you talk with your manufacturer or distributor about garments which had previous printing success in order to choose those with maximum capability.

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