Screenprint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you do full color shirts?

Yes. Think! Screen Printing has the capability of both digitally printing full color designs on light colored apparel and screen printing 4-color process designs on large quantities. Direct to garment is great for photo realistic and low quantity orders and screen printing works well on larger quantities and colored shirts.  Back to top

Is there a difference between screen printed shirts and vinyl heat transfer shirts?

Yes. Simply put, silk screened shirts are printed to last, heat transfers are not. That does not mean that vinyl transfer shirts are inferior.

Remember those 1980’s Star Wars shirts with the photos on the chest? The ones that made you sweat in a big, square shape between your nipples? Those were vinyl transfer shirts. Sure, they disintegrated and got too ugly to wear after a couple of months, but they sure were cool while they lasted.

Screen printed shirts, on the other hand, are actually ink printed onto your shirts. And while it may fade or crack a little bit, if you take reasonable care of your shirt, they’ll look great for years to come.

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What is your minimum order?

  • One Shirt. Seriously. For non-rush jobs, we don’t have a minimum order. Think can affordably direct to garment print low quantity orders. For general screen print orders it’s advised to print at least 24.  Most of the cost on small quantity screen print jobs is in the setup, direct to garment is a good way to avoid those setup costs. Rush jobs require that you order at least 24 shirts. Back to top
  • How fast can you get my shirts to me?

    The absolute fastest we can print screen printed shirts for you is 3 days plus shipping. If you want direct to garment printing we can print the apparel same day/next day. This assumes that the shirts are available in our Arizona warehouse. *Please note there’s an extra charge for rush screen printing.  Back to top

    Do I have to pay full price if I print the same shirts later?

    No. We keep the transparencies used to make your screens on-hand, so you only pay $15 instead of $25 on any reorder.
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    What is a “flash” layer?

    A flash layer is when we double print a color on your shirt. If you’re printing light ink on dark shirts, we’ll usually print that light color twice so that the dark fabric doesn’t show through the light ink. This only costs you $.35 per shirt, and will make your shirts look a million times better..
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    Can I Use a picture from my web site on my shirts?

    Not preferably. Web images are saved at 72 pixels per inch. Think needs at least 300 pixels per inch to get a decent print. The rule of thumb is that if you print an image out on a good laser printer at the size you want it printed on your shirt, and it looks jagged or ugly, that’s what the final print will look like. Back to top

    What is the separation fee?

    If artwork is more than one color and does not come print ready (colors separated, black and labeled with registration marks) we charge for the time it takes to separate the colors and make them ready for film.

    Best way to send art ready for print is in EPS format.

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    What is an.EPS file?

    An .eps stands for “encapsulated post script,” and is basically a printer file that is viewable and editable in some programs.You may be able to view it in a current version of Adobe Reader (as if it were a .pdf file).It’s editable in Adobe Illustrator , Freehand and Corel Draw. You can open it in Photoshop, but I’d recommend only doing that for your own use. When you open an .eps in Photoshop, it converts the file to something that is not as universally size able.Any production house or print shop should have no problem dealing with the .eps if you email it or give it to them on a disc. They’ll probably thank you for giving them something that’s easy for them to use.Back to top

    How do I know that you’re going to print the images where I want them printed?

    Before we submit the final order, we send you a proof with the approximate colors, size and placement  for your approval.  Back to top

    How do I decide what size to print the design on my shirt?

    Think recommends measuring other shirts you have with similar designs. You can also cut out a piece of paper to the size you think you want printed and hold it up to your shirt. Most designs are roughly 9×12.  Back to top

    Is there a difference between a bitmapped .tiff and a .bmp file?

    Yes. A bitmapped .tiff file is an image that has been scanned as or converted to lineart and saved in the tiff file format. There is either black or white on this image; no gray tones. A .bmp file can contain colors, and are generally very large in size and low in quality. We do not print from .bmp files. Back to top

    How can I get my shirts be more affordable?

    Change your order. So you want cheaper more affordable shirts? Here are your choices:

    1. Print less colors – this will get rid of some of your setup and printing costs. The result is a less expensive shirts and a more affordable price.

    2. Choose inexpensive shirts – there are a lot of good quality shirts that are cost effective. Think! recommends Hanes 5280 or Gildan 5000 100% cotton shirts

    3. Print more shirts – if you print enough shirts to get to our next price break, you will potentially save lots of money. This will give you a lower per-shirt price.

    4. Use our online custom shirt ordering system. Our online system is mostly automated which cuts down some of the manpower costs thus lowering the cost of your job. It also gives up to the minute updates, online apparel designer, and the ability to re-order.

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    Will you print dirty words on my shirts?

    Sure. Nobody has sent us a design yet that we wouldn’t print. This isn’t a challenge, it’s just a fact. We reserve the right to refuse service, but you’d have to get pretty crass before we’d exercise that right. Back to top

    What kind of shirts do you print on for your personal projects?

    There are a couple of choices. Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton tees are great if you want nice, quality affordable tees with a good fitting cut . If I want a heavier tee, I go with the Gildan Ultra Cotton. They’re heavyweight 6.1-oz tees, so you can compare them weight-wise with the ever-popular Hanes Beefy-T, which is another good choice, but pretty expensive.

    If you like a slimmer more athletic fit, we would recommend the Gildan SoftStyle, Canvas 3001, or Next Level Apparel 3600. These tees are ring spunned combed cotton and fit really nice. The combed cotton shirts print really well also.

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    What is your return policy?

    If the product you ordered does not match the proof that was approved, Think will either fix, credit or re-order the screen print job.

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    What is your refund policy?

    If your order is wrong because of an error on our end, send them back and we’ll credit your Think! account. If they’re wrong because of an error on your end, we do not offer a refund or credit.

    If you’d like to cancel your order, you are responsible for whatever work or inventory we’ve put into your job up to that point. You are also responsible for a 5% cancellation fee, which is five percent of your total order.

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    Can I Cancel My Order?

    Yes! You may cancel your order if the apparel has not been ordered, but you are responsible for processing fees, restocking costs and any other expenses incurred by us between the time we recieved your payment and the cancellation request was received.

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    Do you accept credit card payments?

    Yes! We can accept your Visa/MasterCard /American Express / Discover over the phone or in the office. We can also accept cards via Paypal. If you don’t already have an account, go to and sign up. Our Physical address is:

    1425 E University #107
    Tempe, AZ   85281

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    Can you sew custom tags into my shirts?

    No. We do not do custom tags or the sewing for custom tags, but if you know someone with a sewing machine and some time on their hands, you can buy custom tags from a number of companies online. google it! Back to top

    Can you PRINT tags onto the inside collar of my shirts?

    We CAN do it, but it’s pretty expensive and complex. Here’s the deal… Every shirt sold in the US is required to include care instructions, sizes and the country of origin. Because most shirts we get (excluding American-made sihrts) are manufactured in a variety of countries, printing a tag on the inside collar can be pretty expensive because you would need a separate screen for each country/size combination.

    Plus! often, most ink/fabric combinations will let the ink bleed through the back of the shirt, so you end up with the ghost of a reversed image on the back of your shirt.

    All that said, if you still want to do it, we’re happy to give it a shot for you!

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    I’m in Phoenix, how do I get to your office to pick up shirts?

    If you’re in Phoenix, you have the option of driving to our Think Tempe office or to the Think Phoenix office. Click here for address locations.. Back to top

    When does the clock start for my job’s turnaround time?

    The clock starts as soon as our customer approves the proof or orders the product from our website. We need payment up front and artwork before we can start processing your order. So if you’re in a hurry, make sure you’ve got those items ready to go so your shirt printing order isn’t delayed.Back to top

    Will you print and ship one or two shirts at a time for me as I get orders?

    Yes. We’re happy to do this for you, but you’ll be paying insane setup fees. You’re much better off printing 24 shirts and having them shipped straight to you so you can handle the whole thing. Back to top