Screenprinting steps

screenprint Blog Mike and Brad

First off the art must be a decent resolution to get a good reproduction.  If the art is on paper and scanned, like a painting or a drawing it needs to be scanned at least 300dpi.   If the art is good then we can take it from the computer to the films, splitting the colors up and making it print ready is fun.  We take the films and put them positive side on screens coated with photo emulsion.  We then expose the screens for the appropriate amount of time to make a proper stencil to print on shirts.  After that the printing begins.  Lets say it is a 3 color print.  We take one screen and center it and print it on a practice sheet or shirt and then dry that layer and line the other two colors up perfectly and then the production can begin.  If it is on dark shirts usually we have to dry each layer between prints which can take a lot of time.  So get your orders in at least a week before you need the shirts!