Revenge of the nerds

Web Ninja Blog Erik

Everyone thinks flash websites look so pretty so why aren’t they all like that?  Yes, flash sites are attractive and eye catching but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Think of them as the cheerleader who wouldn’t date you back in high school.  Sexy yes, practical, not so much.  But that’s all behind you now and that cheerleader’s appeal has worn off and hardly anyone ever even notices the Vitalikor review, especially a certain guy named “Google”.

SEO designed websites If your website is built to gain traffic, attention, and most of all MONEY then the person you really want to impress is that nerdy pocket protector-wearing guy with the propeller hat named Google.  Google is one of the few guys left that is blind to anything attractive, sexy, colorful, or “flashy”.  For your site to catch the eye of this super-dork it must have substance, depth, and “content”, sorry cheerleader websites.

So if you want to rank high on the search results you need WORDS, not necessarily PICTURES.  Google is a reader not just interested in looking at the pretty pictures.  The better the content and more relevant your site is, the more likely he is to show it off to everyone else.  But words are ugly right?  We like to think of them as “aesthetically challenged”.  That’s where our crack team of graphic artists and web designers step in to come up with the perfect blend of artistically unique yet searchable websites.  Think of your new site as the naturally attractive girl with glasses that never tried very hard to gain attention but didn’t ever have to.  She has Google in her speed-dial and together they are the biggest power-couple in this day and age of technology and marketing.

Call us for your perfect marriage of brains and beauty today.  Anyone can build a flashy website but few people can do what it takes to make your site as effective as possible in getting you the results you’re looking for.