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Web Ninja Blog Erik

So you’ve picked out the look you want for your new website. You’re very sure of the colors, pictures, navigation layout, background image, etc. Traffic should start pouring in after people get a look at your awesome product placement images. You’re confident that this new website will be your key to your first million! But how do people find your site in the first place?

There’s a very good chance that the article you’re reading right now got to you through a series of clicks that began by going go a search engine like Google. When you typed what you were looking for into Google, pages and pages of “pages” showed up that were based loosely around the keywords that you typed in. Only if your website could be the first one in that list, change that to my first 2 million!

If you want your business to survive in this economy you need every advantage you can get. That brings us to the incredibly valuable yet incredibly boring world of search engine optimization or SEO. I won’t get into the propeller-head jargon of what it takes to get your website to show up first, lets just say it’s extremely complicated. What does matter is this. If your new website is built with getting awesome Google search results in mind then it needs to be built a certain way incorporating certain key words into your site. Yes, you can build “search engine friendly things” into your site after the fact or have an old site refreshed but that usually entails REBUILDING what was made when your site was originally put together. And paying twice.

SEO website designers TempeSuppose you are selling fuzzy bunny slippers and it would help your business immensely if your site www.crazyfurryslippers.com showed up first in Google’s results if a potential customer typed in “fuzzy bunny slippers” into the search engine. Having a well built website will make all the difference in the world when it comes to search ranking.

Your site may look average, have an average logo and average pictures but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Yes, “optimized” websites cost more, sometimes way more, but aren’t you having this new site built to attract customers? If the answer is yes then spend the extra money to have the site built the RIGHT way the FIRST time. Remember, anyone can build a website, making a online cash machine is an art form.