Custom Calendars


Custom calendars can be made in a variety of sizes but the most common one is the finished size of 8.5 by 11.  The printing process is the same as most other print products but the assembly and some extras are slightly different.  They are folded and saddle stiched (stapled down) to give the calendar its finished look.  A small hole is punched along the middle of top of the open end which serves as way to mount the calendar to a wall with a tack or nail.

We can design the calendar using your pictures to market a product or create a sellable piece of work.  Using our software we can add important holidays and dates to the calendar printing product.  Some other uses our individual clients found for this product are giving it to loved ones/friends as a personally designed Christmas present with family photos next to each month OR as a spicy gift to a significant other. The possibilities are endless.

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