What Is Web Design: An Introduction to the Basics

Web Design Services

As websites and online resources become more and more a part of our everyday lives, there is an increased demand for web design skills – but what exactly is “web design?” Simply put, web design is the planning and creation of websites. This includes a number of separate skills that all fall under the umbrella […]

Scottsdale Restaurant Website

This is a great example of a landing page used by a company who owns several restaurants in this case.  This website is search engine optimized to bring traffic from Google, Yahoo, etc. and point the traffic in the direction of whichever one of their restaurants fits the persons tastes the best.  Using multiple websites […]

On Main Stage Website

This Joomla-based social network site was built to be able to handle a huge amount of traffic as well as let users make their own profiles, upload video, pictures, music, as well as sell their own products through the site!  Truly an awesome platform to start an unlimited sized website for the people who think […]

North Pole Xperience Website

A true work of art, North Pole Experience’s entirely Flash based website is geared to give kids and parents that WOW factor and be as visually stimulating as possible.  This site is interactive and includes music and motion graphics to finish off the look and feel of Christmas no matter what month it is.

Bumper 2 Bumper Collision’s Website

This Phoenix Arizona based body shop wanted a website that they could easily update themselves, had a slideshow of images and brought in leads from search engines but wouldn’t break the bank.  Another example of a heavily modified WordPress theme that fit the bill exactly. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BUMPER 2 BUMPER’S WEBSITE  

Tan Factory’s Website

This customer who has multiple locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Peoria wanted a website design that was both easy to update themselves but also worked as a marketing tool to bring potential clients to them from Google and other search engines.  This is a WordPress platform with a totally custom built theme. CHECK OUT TAN […]

The Debt Settlement Website

This Scottsdale AZ company wanted a website that was primarily a marketing tool to drive traffic to them from search engines.  It had to look good without compromising its search engine visibility.  This website is another example of a heavily customized WordPress theme.

Molly Butlers Website

Molly Butlers website is one of our most artistic, high-end sites that captures the mountain cabin look without reading a single word.   Flash graphics blend perfectly with it’s WordPress platform to create the best of both worlds – a visually stunning website that they can easily update themselves. CHECK OUR MOLLY BUTLERS WEBSITE  

Arizona Web Design

Think graphics has been designing websites in the Phoenix Arizona valley since 2000 and is currently expanding to the other 49 states. With the addition of a second branch office in Scottsdale and an expanded staff, Think can handle all of your web design needs. Specializing in WordPress sites, we can make sure you don’t […]

Arizona Fall Frenzy Website

The AZ Fall Frenzy website is a content rich site that was meant to handle a large amount of traffic at one time.  We have done a lot of websites for the Phoenix based entertainment business over the years because of our attention to detail and the ability to meet deadlines. CHECK OUT ARIZONA FALL […]

Ransomed Clothing Website

A WordPress website design that includes a simple e-commerce feature that is Paypal based.  Products can be sold on this site without the need of expensive shopping cart websites and products can all be updated by the owner of the site at any time.  Another custom themed WordPress based website.

Urban Living 360 Website

Urab Living controls real estate markets in several cities including Tempe and Scottsdale and wanted a website that can control several website from one central login.  This WordPress based site can do just that.  No more multiple logins/ passwords for more than 1 site.

Chandler Police Website

The Chandler Arizona Police Dept. wanted a website makeover that looks great that can also be edited and updated by their own people.  They can updates schedules, calendars, forums, announcements and more. CHECK OUT CHANDLER P.D.’S WEBSITE

Taz Media Website

This Mesa Arizona based company wanted a website makeover that had the capability  for them to upload audio and video clips to advertise themselves and for clients’ use.  Another themed WordPress platform that can be edited by them at any time.  

Aprils Images Website

This Scottsdale business wanted a website that featured a slideshow of images and multiple video clips all on the home page.  The layout remains one of our most popular designs and is WordPress based.

Steel Images Website

A ProStores e-commerce website designed for this Phoenix Arizona based business.  This is an attractive site that is extremely easy to use and the owners of the site of course have the capability to add or edit all of their own products from their admin section. CHECK OUT STEEL IMAGES WEBSITE HERE.  

Geisha’s Myspace

This old town Scottsdale restaurant wanted a Custom Myspace that didn’t have the clutter of your typical Myspace layout.  All of the default components were erased and the site is almost 100% unique, only the top banner remains from the original Myspace look.

Geisha a-go-go Website

Flash websites are favorite among the restaurant and entertainment businesses.  Motion graphics add an element of the WOW factor to an otherwise static website.  This Scottsdale restaurant can make their own edits through an admin panel as well.

Barcelona’s Custom Myspace

This custom Myspace layout gets rid of  the default Myspace look including the “Who I’d like to meet” and “About me” sections.  The resulting look is much cleaner and totally unique.

Synerchi Systems Website

This custom website design includes a WordPress content manager platform as well as 3d video elements and Flash.  Multiple navigation bars make this website on e of the most diverse websites we’ve built.  Of course the owner of the site can make all of their own edits and changes themselves. VISIT THE SYNERCHI SYSTEMS WEBSITE […]