Video killed the internet star.

Web Ninja Blog Erik

You probably want to get the most out of your website, sometimes this includes video advertisements you may have.  If you have a digital video clip of your business that you want to include to bring your company to life in a different format then we can help you.  Not only could we imbed your video clip but we can help edit your raw footage into a useable file that is the right size, resolution, and gets your message accross effectively.

There are several ways to include this video.  It can be included on your server or a viewer could be set up to play from a third party server like Youtube.  Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to doing this.  Youtube is a great way to get your message out and help promote your website.  As long as your content is relevent, interesting, and high quality then Youtube can act as part of your optimization in order to drive the most possible traffic to yur site.  The disadvantage is that the quality is somewhat grainy and because of harddrive space Youtube has to reduce it’s file size in order to post your video.  Ask one of ourweb designers what format will fit your needs best, in the meantime check our our Youtube link for a small sample of our promotional videos.