Water based Screenprinting Inks

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It seems like people are obsessed with the feel of the print these days.  We offer water based screen printing inks that have a much softer feel than plastisol (you know the plastic thick ink used on most screen printed shirts since the 80’s) especially on light colored shirts. We offered it in the past but the old water based inks were really hard to work with, the ink would dry in the screen and it was so soupy that you couldn’t really manage the stuff that well.  Also the ink color was unpredictable, after curing it was difficult to match the hue the customer was looking for, especially if it was really specific.

Luckily technology has finally caught up and the new inks that are on the market are easier to work with and opaque and the color is controlled better.  We use Murakami water based inks and have been getting amazing feedback from customers and friends about it.  The feel is so soft, especially dark inks on light colored shirts.  You cant really feel it at all, the ink just sinks right in to the fibers of the shirt.  Light colored water based ink printed on dark colors is much softer, but it does have a slight texture and is not as opaque or bright as plastisol, but I love the way that looks anyway.  I see a lot of t shirt designs and I gotta tell ya, I’m sick of the same old look.  The look and feel of a design with waterbased ink, even though white on black may not be as bright, is so much more interesting than the big sweat-patch plastic print.

Also, obviously, we love the water based ink because it is much more environmentally friendly.  It requires no chemicals at all to clean it up, just water.

The shirt design below was printed using water based ink.  The artists name is Jeremy Arviso.  His line is called Rezrocket.

you should check it out