Web Maintenance

Keeping your website fresh and updated is not only a great way to stay ahead of the competition but a great way to stay high in the search results. Engines like Google and Yahoo recognize updates or new content added to a site and your page ranking will improve the more often it’s updated or maintained. Nothing kills a site’s traffic like becoming stale.

We have 2 different approaches to keep your content fresh and relevant. Our team can update your site and add our professional touch at any time and no, we’re not your typical web designers that get to it “whenever we get around to it”. Your time is important to us as well and we perform most updates in a day or two after getting the request.

The second approach is to create your site with a built in “content management system” like WordPress.With software like this installed on your site, YOU can make changes to your site, blog, add or delete pictures, change prices, availability or descriptions of products ON YOUR SCHEDULE!

THINK provides website management and maintenance services for business websites. Our team of professional website designers and developers strongly believe in the evolution of business websites. We are interested in long-term relationships with organizations that are fully committed to the success of their online ventures.

Website maintenance services may include:

  • Essential HTML and image management
  • Database and content management for dynamic websites
  • Web sever administration and hosting services
  • Distribution of email marketing campaigns
  • Website development updates using a wide variety of web technologies