10 Ways to Grow Your Audience on Instagram

Just post the right type of content on Instagram and you will be able to attract a loyal audience that grows with your business. Our infographic below covers five tips on how to use Instagram to drive more sales.

Instagram is home to the most engaged audiences around. 500 million users browse daily while 400,000 new posts are published. Instagram is determined to be the number one social media app to succeed and continues to evolve itself.

In this post, we’ll show you how to grow your Instagram likes and followers. These are the most effective tactics anyone looking to do so should capitalize on.

Use the Right Hashtags

To increase your engagement rate and start growing your audience on a regular basis look no further than hash tagging your photos. It helps posts to be found by the people searching for specific topics 24/7.

There are different ways to creatively incorporate hashtags within your content but late night photos with a slightly off-beat hashtag is a much more creative idea. The best way to be discovered on Instagram is to follow trends and use popular hashtags within your posts.

Use Geotags to Boost Local Discovery

Hashtags are great and can be used to promote specific Instagram posts or Videos, but tagging your location may sometimes be more practical. This option helps your content become discoverable, increasing the likability of your Instagram posts.

Location-oriented Instagram users have more options than ever before, creating their own hashtags to contribute to when using stickers and stories could be a better use of your time than posting on your account as well.

Your local business can start getting more visibility and improve the chance prospects will come to your store by engaging with these targeted location social feeds. Spend some time tapping into the potential of these services.

Use the Right Filters

Usage of favorite photo filters can influence the effectiveness and popularity of Instagram posts. With specific frequencies associated with each filter, your following can receive a preview of what they typically experience before starting a following account, saving time and fostering success.

Here are the current 10 most popular filters on Instagram, according to Iconosquare:

  • Normal (No Filter)
  • Clarendon
  • Juno
  • Lark
  • Ludwig
  • Gingham
  • Valencia
  • X-Pro II
  • Lo-fi
  • Amaro

Ask for More Followers

It sounds obvious, but it deserves to be said; your audience doesn’t want to be treated poorly. Purposeful communication with your followers is a key part of keeping the audience engaged and maintaining quality content.

Not only can you promote your content, but a blog number will also increase with more exposure. Followers will stay updated with your content and be able to view future posts as they appear on the blog.

You might have a lot of followers on Instagram, but unless you approach them, your content will stay stagnant. Here’s how to entice those people who haven’t followed you yet into following you today.

When writing Instagram captions, use an uncommon word or a trend that’s just coming up to get your audience to follow you or drop hints for upcoming blog posts.

Steal Your Competitors’ Followers

On Instagram, it is advantageous to reach out to competitors and build your following by interacting with similar accounts. Once you follow enough other people, they will have shown interest in the products you sell, allowing you to capitalize on that interest.

There are several ways to engage with Instagram users. To get the most out of your engagement time – whether posts, comments or both – the more work you put in, the more followers and repeat engagement you’ll get out of it.

Post at the Right Time

Although people might find your Instagram a little too indulgent, you might still want to consider the timing or simply see your posts.

A targeted approach involves analyzing what has and has not worked for you in the past. By visiting IconoSquare’s optimization section, you can get a detailed analysis of your posting history vs. engagement These reports can also highlight the best times of the day to post.

With Instagram analytics you can get much needed insights for your business quickly and will power your marketing efforts.

You may want to consider using a social media scheduling tool to automatically publish and schedule posts when your activity rate is the highest.

Run a Giveaway

Instagram comments reflect the direct impact an individual post has on its follower base. The ability to recommend and tag friends creates cross-instagramming, an aggressive growth strategy for any Instagram account that posts high quality content consistently.

The easiest way to get this done is by running a giveaway that entices your audience to follow your account while they’re tagging their friends.

Use Instagram Live

Live streaming content on social media platforms helps leverage your marketing strategy. With Instagram, you can also use Instagram Live to engage with followers and run live videos as often as needed.

Instagram Live is an especially impressive new feature of the revamped platform that allows users to show off their latest social activity on cross-platform streaming.

Hop on Trends

When it’s time for a post—use the opportunity to include trending topics or engage with the audience through hashtags. Reception of posts can be improved as a result as well as discoverability.

To stay on top of a topic, be it timely or seasonal in nature, contribute relevant content that other audiences want to see. The introduction of the hashtag holidays is an example of this. Calendar events will help set future content, giving you plenty to write about in advance from day-to-day activities that draw attention from users.

Explore the different channels for your blog to enter conversations and share your content. Look for areas that would complement your own voice such as product reviews, selfies and tips.

Be Consistent

What’s more important? The past or the future? Today, you need to create content that promises your audience something better tomorrow. Your followers will follow you if they trust in your promise.

With a feed and regular posting schedule, a blog is able to entice new followers, but it’s vital that it communicates your stream of information at first glance. If a blog uses a consistent theme or pattern rather than filling up their streams with generic posts, their content has the potential to stand out.

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