Recycled options

At THINK! we are believe in Green, all our paper printing options are now FSC certified!

Build-It-Green Expo 2009

Obama promises to spend $150 billion over 10 years to create 5 million new green-collar jobs. Come see what he is talking about!

NEW ITEMS: Specialty Paper

Add that extra  touch with our new specialty papers, processed acid free and recycled! Choose from Metal Reaction Stocks to Weave Textures! Not sure what any of this means, come by and take a look, its worth the trip!

Barcelona’s Custom Myspace

This custom Myspace layout gets rid of  the default Myspace look including the “Who I’d like to meet” and “About me” sections.  The resulting look is much cleaner and totally unique.

Drift Lounge Custom Myspace

Another clean, uncluttered custom Myspace layout that is a totally unique look.  No longer are we constrained to the typical Myspace layouts and we have the capability to make any layout we want without rules.  Marketing was never as cheap as a custom Myspace design.