3 Helpful Business Plan Formats You Can Use in Your Business

When writing a business plan, there are no single fit for all, with the goal of accurately conveying relevant content about your company to readers. Writing a business plan can span from one page to multiple pages and can include high detail graphs and reports.

Here are 3 business plan formats you can use:

  1. Traditional

A standard business plan is a compilation of the characteristics and expectations of a company. This section goes into detail on each aspect, while also mentioning the types of investors you might seek.

The standards for a business plan include the following: idea, objectives, market research, description of the product or service, strategy and goals, management, finances and this is followed by competition and expansion.

  1. Lean

A lean business plan is a shorter version of a traditional business plan. It allows entrepreneurs to present all their project goals, strategies, and projections in a shortened format. Importantly, this type of plan isn’t complete without metrics and objectives to track the company’s progress on specific targets.

  1. Non- Profit

A nonprofit business plan includes all of the elements that would be present in a traditional business plan, with an additional section describing the impact of the company. A popular request from donors is for this type of plan.

If you are a nonprofit business with plans to operate for public or social benefit, you will need a plan.The plan covers everything you find in a traditional business plan and contains information about what type of impact the company hopes to make. For example, if the company is a speaker and headphone brand that aims to help people with hearing disabilities, then they need to give their donors details of this.

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