5 Best Instagram Ads to Boost Your Sales

With engagement rates that are 10 times higher than Facebook, and brands benefiting from Instagram ads, it seems ridiculous that more companies aren’t on Instagram–especially given the popularity of this social platform. In this guide, you’ll learn about the ways to make money off of Instagram and set up successful ad campaigns.

Since 2015, anyone has been able to learn how to create sponsored posts or ads on Facebook without a professional team. With it, you have total control over your ad campaigns, how they appear and who sees them. And unlike paid partnerships and sponsorship deals, your content is posted automatically from your own account rather than another company’s.

Here are 5 instagram ads you can take advantage of: 

  1. Photo ads

A photo ad is a single image that serves as an advertisement on Instagram Stories. Though it can be more expensive to advertise with a photo ad, it’s effective since the cost of developing and uploading an original digital asset is small. Here’s an example from our brand, Ten Dollar Shirt, a clothing company who used Instagram photo ads to push our discount offer through a landing page for our customers.

  1. Video ads

Before Instagram had a limit of 15 seconds for videos. The social media site has since broadened its scope to allow videos up to 60 seconds and in landscape or square format. Social platform, Pura Vida makes use of the video advertising format to promote its new jewelry club on Instagram.

  1.  Stories ads

Instagram Stories for Business allow businesses to create advertising content that disappears in 24 hours. This is similar to Snapchat; a self-destructing platform that provides an opportunity for brands and users to share short video and photo content.

Instagram ads are a popular paid advertising option, especially on Instagram Stories. Pura Vida has found success with their Instagram Stories ads because the photo- and video-content allows users to see the jewelry immediately, which builds brand awareness and ad recall.

  1. Reels ads

Instagram recently began testing Reel ads in Canada, France, the UK, and the US. Reel ads are a full-screen experience that take up a lot of space similar to Instagram Stories ads. They may appear between your Reels and last up to 30 seconds. You can look down on them like with a regular Instagram post by liking, commenting, saving any photos or videos, share it on your own story, skip it once you’re done watching it on the app or view it later from your bio page.

  1. Collection ads

Collection ads are similar to video ads in that they appear as a video in a user’s feed. These ads consist of still images playing as a video, much like a slideshow. You can add text and audio to your collection ads.

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