5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and IOS in 2022

Things are indeed easier done using a smartphone. Just one click and voila! With these 3 best photo editing apps you can download on your android or ios, editing photos is a lot easier.

  1. Adobe Lightroom For Mobile: Best Pro Photo Editor

There are a lot of great photography apps available on the app store, despite Adobe choosing just one and sticking with it. This choice pays off in benefits to professional photographers because they don’t have to worry about trying out any new gear or software.

  1. Snapseed – Best Free Photo Editor for Quick Edits

If you’re looking for a relatively easy-to-use editing app, Snapseed could be the one for you. It has presets for specific purposes and doesn’t require in-app purchases or complicated registration. This is also a Google product, ensuring its trusted by consumers.

  1. VSCO – Best Photo Editing App for Unique Filters

If you are looking for iOS or Android apps that make it easy to share your lifestyle and edit photos, VSCO is a good choice with cross-platform support. However, the app doesn’t require any lengthy tutorials or specific filters–just like a traditional camera app.

  1. Picsart – Best Photo & Video Editor

With over 1,000 stickers and templates available, Picsart provides a huge range of ways to personalize your photos. Where Apple and Samsung provide pre-made templates, this app provides everything you need to design original content.

  1.  Photoshop Express Photo Editor: Best Photo Editing App for Advanced Edits

The newly released mobile version of Adobe’s popular photo editing software, Photoshop Express, brings a lot of features with it. This can be helpful for individuals who use Photoshop frequently but do not want to spend money on a PS Express Premium subscription. While some of the more useful tools take several hours of additional study and practice to understand fully, Photoshop Express makes these tools more accessible with limitations and tradeoffs. One perk are major updates which are typically released weekly or monthly.

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