5 Steps on How to Sell Wholesale Products

Finding your wholesale customers can seem like a challenging task, but with the right tools and market insights you should be able to find them before they discover you. 

Here are some tips on where to find retailers, as well as what analytics will help increase sales.

  1. Join a Wholesale Marketplace

When organizations seek to sell their products both wholesale and through the marketplace, they can grow and generate revenue quickly.

Do marketplaces that have clauses and products already outlined, including integrated payment, to easily engage your customers.

  1. Use Your Direct-to-Consumer Website

Landing and growing these distributors is an integral part of selling your company’s product. Conducting distribution before starting a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy can accelerate the time to profitability.

When promoting your product online, a list of wholesale inquiries can be included in your website’s footer for easy access by clients. This allows for a large network to potentially find you and purchase your product, rather than creating a black hole on said website.

  1. Attend Trade Shows

Retail show performers will find valuable lengths of potential customers at their shows and the more of the audience visitors bring with them the greater exposure. While wholesale buyers may prefer to share leads by networking in a more casual way, those seeking high volume show-goers should investigate trade show directories to target a more economical marketing method.

Going live on digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is no longer enough. You must push your brand into the real world through tangible activities such as rolling out networking content at trade shows or events.

Trade shows, though, can be expensive. They often require traveling to the location where the show is taking place and a fee for a booth if you want to exhibit there. Although trade shows are a place to make great connections and find new customers, it is worth attending them first before deciding to exhibit.

  1. Reach Out to Complementary Brands

It’s important to find wholesale consumers of your product. If you have a handful of high-quality retailers who are successful at selling your product, they will come back to the market and place larger orders again and again which can help grow a business considerably.

By reaching out personally, you can find companies who want to partner to create exceptional content. As a business selling complementary products, there are exciting areas of opportunity for both parties backed by audience targeting data and solid repercussions in case of conflicts.

  1. Use Incentives to Motivate Buyers

Incentives work for wholesale buyers just like everyday consumers do. Some retailers selling wholesale will offer discounts to buyers based on the amount of products they buy. A common offer is a percentage off for a customer’s first order.

The other alternative is dropshipping as a wholesaler. You do the company’s marketing and fulfillment yourself, which could be cheaper for the company, but in that case you need another product to sell next to it.

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