5 Things You Can Put in Your Business’ ‘About Us’ Page

Starting a new business can be complex. With all the products, details, and a lot more- of course, you will be needing an About Us page. Through this page, you will be able to showcase not just what your business is about but also share your story as ‘you’. 

Story pages are an engaging, humanizing section of your site. They have a clear description who your brand is and where it stands in the market. With a skillful creator at the helm, these can help your company engage with established and potential users of your website more effectively.

Now, let’s go dive in and see what these 5 things you can put in your business’ About Us Page:

An Introduction to Your Team

With a face and a name, you are able to give your brand a human element, connect with your audience, and source feelings of satisfaction with the people who power your business.

Including your management team in About Us posts can build your personal brand and introduce the story and experiences that make you the studio a good fit to bring your unique skill set to those who need it most.

A Gallery of Photos and Videos

To make your company’s About Us page interesting and readable, mix up the media on your about us page by printing headlines, short sentences that highlight the benefits of their service, custom photos or videos.

Whether you have a local business, or one servicing many counties, your About Us page is the first point of contact or social contact for potential fans and followers. Be as detailed as possible by including photos of the behind-the-scenes action. Or, instead of relying on big social media push announcements like tweets and Instagram posts, harness promotional marketing power to take a deeper dive into your content and help you reach your target audience a little more gradually.

Concrete Numbers

Numbers give your posts material. Let’s say, you’re working on launching a new product and tell readers about how many people are already investing in it through pre-orders. You don’t need to worry about maximizing your traffic if you simply include numbers like those in your About Us page.

Consider the stats you can use on your About Us page to make a point about your company mission or to quantify your impact as a business. 

So whether you need an eye-catching picture to help make your point or if you want to infuse a figure into a narrative, using data and the right chart can improve your stories’ impact.

Press Mentions, Testimonials and Awards

In this section, you can post about your business’ impact on social media, show off press mentions or reviews from trusted outlets, and write user-generated content to show how readers are engaging with your brand after it is published.

However, this example showcases a more creative option such as featuring the logos of publications that have covered you. Social proof features can give your about us page a unique touch and will effectively strengthen your brand.

Press mentions, awards, and other wins can be used to help tell the middle of your story. Many companies choose to use these milestones to propel themselves into the spotlight.

Social Media Links and Contact Numbers

You can use your About Us section to direct visitors to other web pages, social profiles, and blog posts on your website in order to increase the visibility of these links.

Secure your followers by linking to any CTA links within your About Us page and think about how you can continue the visitor’s journey by encouraging them to:

  • Opt into your email list
  • Follow your social accounts
  • Read your blogs
  • Check out your products

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