5 Tips For Growing Your Brand Using Paid Ads

Hey Business Owners! At TH!NKPRO, we are the place to go for brands to grow and today we’ve got some tips to help you grow your business with social media ads.  

OK, let’s talk about ads! If you struggle with being overwhelmed, not sure what to post, feel like giving up, we are here to support you! We will help you grow your business by creating and implementing a strategy for your digital ads! Here are 5 tips you can start implementing today for your paid ads:

  1. Make sure you have the right audience. Having your ads show up to an audience that is not your demographic is wasting your money.

2. Make sure you have the right daily ad spend. Having a daily ad spend that is too low is going to fight against the algorithms and reduce the overall success of your ads.  

3. Make sure you use a consistent labeling process. Using a consistent labeling process for your Campaign names, Ad Sets and Ad Names will allow you to easily locate and track your ads so you can both monitor them and find previous ads to use for a reference.

4. Make sure you monitor your ads daily. Unless you have an automation system set in place, you will need to monitor your ads throughout the day to track the ads performance. Best and worst performances during various times of the day will let you know what adjustments need to be made to the ads to ensure the most success and most bang for your buck in ad spend. 

5. Make sure you are using the best reporting software. Good reporting software and templates will help you easily read the ad results. With the proper analytics and ad reporting, you will know which step in the ad process you need to adjust to make you next few set of ad Campaigns more successful!


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