5 Ways to Create Repeat Buyers

In creating a business, it’s essential to have customers coming back to you. 

Having repeat customers may establish an image of satisfaction from customers. This can be a great advantage to your business for this feedback may attract more buyers. 

Here are 5 ways, you can do to create repeat buyers:

  1. Create an email win-back campaign

Repeat buyers benefit from email promotions by increasing average order value and frequency of purchase. With Carousel’s platform, you can offer targeted promotions to separate customers as well.

A valuable sequence of messages can be created by using a win-back campaign. This marketing technique engages a customer based on where they are in the customer journey as well as their purchase. After creating quality content about this experience, marketers can send a relevant message.

  1.  Introduce a loyalty program 

Loyalty programs can be free or paid, and they offer special benefits to subscribers. For example, Altitude Sports, the company that offers lifetime memberships for $34.99, has a number of perks for subscribers. With 5% off sales, exclusive sales and free returns, they offer an attractive proposition to shoppers who choose to pay monthly or a yearly subscriber fee.

Loyalty programs have seen a surge in recent years after they were widely adopted by companies around the globe. With the help of big data, their simplicity and flexibility, these programs can offer both easy rewards and discounted prices for loyal customers—powers that are often accompanied by new digital services year-round.

With a loyalty program, you can give your customer onboarding a real shot in the arm. These programs allow customers to participate in a number of ways as they build rewards and connections with your web store.

  1. Release new items on a schedule 

If you plan to offer new products often, consider scheduling product launches on the same day every week, or the same day every month. Customers are more likely to purchase new offerings when they know their store will have a lot of products to choose from.

New releases keep customers checking back often on websites like Mejuri’s, which launches new jewelry designs every Monday.

If a curious customer loves your brand, then put them first with a Monday Drop. Send an email to all those customers that announce the weekly limited edition “new colors”.

  1. Email or SMS sign-up coupons

Email marketing does provide many benefits such as brand awareness, customer retention, and serving up valuable content. If you’re using email marketing as a way to re-engage customers who are previously familiar with your brand and want more information about you or your recent products or services, consider adding a pop-up that shares an offer if they subscribe. This could be something like 10% off their first order or free shipping.

  1. Build a subscription model 

Fortunately, there is an easy solution: offer subscriptions. Making this a regular model can ensure that you’re ready-and-waiting to reach out to your audience. With thoughtful marketing and the right software, building a subscription program that gives your company recurring revenue takes more little effort than other promotions.

With subscriptions, customers buy what they need when they need it. For example, Fresh Patch sells hydroponically grown grass patches to pet owners. The company sees 80% of its total revenue from subscriptions.

If your company doesn’t provide refills, customers can sign up for monthly items by ordering big packages and then managing their own subscriptions with Package Free. They can choose from a wide range of environmentally friendly home and body products to create the perfect recurring package for themselves.

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