Are You Ready For the 5K Color Fun Run? Are You Ready to do it in Style?

What does this mean? For registered teams at the Phoenix 5k Color Fun Run, they will get the opportunity to make this memorable event even more memorable by putting whatever they would like on the back of their teams shirts. The cost to add the team’s shirt backs is only $19.99 which is a promo price for the 5k Color Fun Run. (MSRP $75)
What can be done? The registered teams get 4 shirts with the super cool 5k Color Fun Run front and nothing on the back. To make the event even more memorable and to make your pictures even funnier, better or more memorable you can put a custom back for your shirt.
Large photo with text
Specialty design
Team Name
Team Number
Funny Graphic
Motivational Phrases
+++Really the possibilities are endless…
Need help with your design/layout?

Our team of professional graphic designers can make nearly anything happen. There is a small design cost for custom artwork to be provided by the Think Pro team. (

Here’s a link for getting the custom team shirts for the registered teams. (*Registered Teams Only) LINK
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