6 Beneficial Ways to Write A Product Description

The purpose of a product description is to explain the features and benefits of a product in an appealing way so customers want to spend their money. Marketing copy needs a succinct and enthusiastic way to champion the sale in order for it to be effective.

Most product descriptions written by online stores don’t make sense to the audience and end up with lower conversions.

  1. Entice with Benefits

When people sell their own products, they become highly invested in the product’s features and specifications. They have a company website, live in their company and love the product they sell.

People want to know what they’ll be getting out of the product, and not just how great it is. It requires succinctly declaring a feature’s benefits, which in turn needs to appeal to potential buyers.

Each feature of your product serves a purpose. Your product makes customers feel happier, healthier, or more productive. Some features solve other problems or glitches that your customers face.

  1. Justify the Superlatives You Use

People often think that words like “best” and “most advanced” sound insincere if no one can prove why the product is exceptional.

Accurate data-backed claims of superiority are the best defense against attack from competitors. If your product is really the best in its category, provide specific proof why this is the case. Otherwise, tone your product down or quote a customer who says your product is the most wonderful they’ve ever used.

  1. Use Sensory Words

While certain words can be a detriment to your writing, sensory adjectives provide both clarity and context. They allow your audience to experience the copy as they read it.

To invoke taste-related words in your writing, think about how food with these attributes would feel just like a mouthful of smooth, savory creations. This is true for any type of product you want to sell

  1. Make Product Description Scannable

Providing a well-designed, effective product description makes it much easier to read, and more enticing to consumers.

Tips for designing the perfect product description:

  • Create headlines that will grab attention.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Make it minimalist.
  • Make the description readable through using great font size and style.
  • Use high-quality images.
  1. Attract Reader’s Imagination

New research has revealed that when people actually hold a product in their hands, they are more likely to purchase it.

You sell physical products online, which means your customers can’t physically see what they’re buying. Using clearer images or videos can help, but there is another trick that will improve the desire for a product: let your customer imagine what it would be like to own that item.

A good way to practice this copywriting technique is by starting a sentence with words like “imagine,” and finishing by explaining how your reader will feel about their purchase of your product.

  1. Use Social Proofs

When the general public is in a state of confusion, they look elsewhere for guidance. That’s why proper reviews and testimonials are crucial to any ecommerce business.

It is best to have an image of the customer in the midst of the quote. This adds credibility and makes it more approachable for people. You can also interface a social media feed filled with user generated content that is evidence that actual customers are using your product.

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