6 ways to design the most appealing websites

The design of a website plays a significant role in its success, and is far more important than many of us think it is. If your website is not stunning and does not offer an outstanding user experience, no matter that which online advertising and digital marketing tactics you use, you will never be able to achieve the optimum results.

A well designed website can greatly complement your brand’s message and can successfully transform the website visitors into the customers. However, if your website lacks a good design, or has other flaws, it won’t be able to retain the visitors which come to visit it.
While design an attractive website is largely a subjective task, but, there are a few underlying design principles which apply to all the websites, and can help to improve a website considerably.

Following are the most important website design elements, without which a website cannot appeal to visitors and generate the optimum results.

Visual Hierarchy

The visually stunning elements make a website highly attractive, and are often the first thing that visitors notice about a website. Apart from making your graphics stunning, it’s vital to follow a visual hierarchy for creating an engaging design.

The visual hierarchy implies to the principle that certain elements of the website have higher significance as compared to others. For instance, the “Add to Cart” button on an eCommerce website when highlighted with a bright background colour not only becomes prominent, but also, immediately attracts one attention.

Large and Clean Typography

Attractive typography and large text on the website can help the visitors to easily notice the primary information and the mail message which you want to share with them. By making th important text bolder, and changing its colour, you can highlight it so that it immediately catches one’s attention. Also, the larger texts make the website content much easier to read.

User Control

The users want to control the websites they visit by themselves. They don’t want a new window to get popped up every time they open a menu item on the web pages of the website they are visiting. Thus, ensure that your website offers an easy navigation and the user control to the website visitors on how they can view the content.

White Space

White space is the empty space one intentionally kept between the different elements on a web page. White space gives the web pages clean, uncluttered and elegant look while making the website content easy to read. Using the white space wisely, you can make the most vital content on the website stand out and constructively contribute to the website’s visual hierarchy.

One of the most vital things which you must consider is that white space does not necessarily have to be white in colour; it can also be a solid or bright coloured background devoid of any design elements.

Attractive Images

Optimizing the text on the website to make it easier for the visitors to read it is important. But, at the same time adding captivating images to the website is also imperative as it enhances the appeal of the website significantly. Visual content is not only powerful but also miraculously impacts the moods, feelings and even the actions of the website visitors.

The professional pictures of your products, employees, companies can be added to the website to make it look attractive. However, the wise selection of the images is very important to ensure that they convey the right message.

Contrast between the Elements

Contrary to what most of us believe, the contrast is not just about the colour. The contrast in the size of the website elements can also help in making a website look appealing.

White space on the website can significantly help you achieve the colour contrast which helps the visitors to differentiate between the elements on your website. The size contrast is very important when you don’t want to indulge much in the colour contrast. The size contrast not only makes the site appealing, but also helps in arranging the visual hierarchy of the website. Just like the typography, you must add some size to certain elements on the website to make them look more important in comparison to the others.

If you want your website to have an appealing design, the best user experience, easy navigation and all other elements which make it an ideal website for your business, you certainly need help from a full service marketing agency. These agencies thoroughly evaluate the websites, and aid you to improve the various aspects of it, in order to make it a perfect marketing tool for your business.


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