Benefits to building your website around Word Press

Most of the websites we design are developed around the Word Press platform. Why? Great question. First off it’s the world’s largest open source content management system.

What’s a content management system(CMS)? A CMS is a system that allows for the user to update and add information and media to the website with out knowing how to program the website. The system allows for the content to be organized in a database so that it can be updated by a user by simply logging into their website and make changes.

So, by building our websites around the Word Press platform our customers get 2 luxuries that they wouldn’t have been afforded before in the past.

1. Thousands of free plug-ins to make the website better without the cost of developing the feature.

2. The opportunity to save money by using existing templates.

Some people don’t like templates. In fact we use to have the policy that we would NEVER use templates. We had to change that policy because of tough competition and diminishing customer budgets. By using templates we have a variety of website options for customers looking to get a new web design project or looking to renovate the website.Check out TCS Digital Marketing SEO services for more info.

Website options:

Simple Website – Based on a Word Press template, slightly modified to look and feel like your company.

Basic Website – General Word Press website with more bells and whistles.

Advanced Website – Custom Word Press skin with custom bells and whistles.

Not all of our websites are Word Press but 9 times out of 10 our customers request for us to use it.

I have a Word Press website and I want to make changes but I don’t know how or I don’t have time.

Another benefit to making our websites around Word Press is that we can assist customers that have Word Press sites developed by others. It’s fairly common for a customer to give us a call and ask us to make some updates to their Word Press site no matter who developed the website. Call us for estimates.

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